We carefully listen to your needs and guide you towards success

Our work processes are shaped by our customers’ requirements and business needs. We learn, adapt, and evolve continuously so that you always have access to best-of-breed e-commerce services.

Quickly adapting to your needs

We are Agile

Our self-organizing Scrum teams are always ready to respond to change even in the most uncertain and turbulent environments. We believe in early, continuous, and frequent delivery of software so that you can see how the product evolves and pivot whenever necessary.

Engaging customers throughout the process

We work together with you

We believe that close, regular cooperation between business people and development teams is key to the success of any e-commerce initiative. Our professionals are eager to engage with you on a daily basis. When conference calls are not enough, we are happy to invite you in our cozy office in Cluj-Napoca or join you at your location.

Carefully nurturing the next wave of innovators

We grow our talent

Part of our spirit is to foster a healthy and organic growth. We are continuously investing in training and development of our team members so that we always deliver the high level of quality that you expect. Additionally, we steadily attract top talent from our renowned technical universities so that we can prepare the experts of tomorrow.

Sharing ideas and expertise

We spread our knowledge

We have a vast amount of enterprise e-commerce expertise that we want to share with you. This  allows you to upscale your business and offers us the opportunity to validate our knowledge and gain new insights of the market to remain the first option for our clients.

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