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“In the past two years since we started this project, I have spent 8 months in Cluj, I wouldn't leave my family for that much time, this has been voluntary, if I didn't think it was worth it. This is because I feel I have a partner who goes down the journey with me, that takes pride in helping you succeed in elevating your business, not just a company that provides services.”

George BohorquezCEO at

“Evozon is a valuable service partner for Auchan Romania. We developed with Evozon Systems a complex eCommerce omni-channel application (using SAP Hybris) that will be progressively available to our customers.

Evozon is committed to innovation and they developed and tested with us various software solutions for digital transformation.

Their high maturity level in software development is compliant with most audit standards.”

Andrei AnuscaE-commerce Manager at Auchan Romania

“When I started, the project was in a difficult situation due to different reasons. After a really short time and the establishment of a dedicated team and improved project management flows together with the Evozon Team we finally made it to launch the new shop. This was an important milestone and actually the start of a good and successful period - of course with ups and downs - but with many progress and improvements for the company.

Besides their competence I´ve really appreciated the team spirit, motivation and the will to “make things better”. Together we “ fought a lot of battles” and I always can rely on the team.

Evozon – definitely a recommendable technology partner!”

Andreas KellerProduct Manager Gourmondo